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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

China China China

Are they going to be the next america? First Watch this video and then comment

Sunday, July 15, 2012

China builds most ecologically friendly cities

Yet another achievement by China. They are on their way to become a world Power. This time, they are in news becuase they are building more eco-cities than any other country in the world. And, they've left back USA at number in this race. These cities are going to be low-carbon and energy-saving cities. The above news comes from a survey done by the University of Westminster in London. 

Why is Android not so hit in China?

There has been a recent question that Android, which accounts for more than 55% of the total market share in mobile OS is not famous in China which is considered to be one of the most big mobile market. The reason is that they have their own OS such as Cosmos and other replica which are as good as Android. Some are even better (yes, I mean it). Also the phones with their own OS are cheaper than android.

Chinese Phones are Awesome

For people may say that they are bad, but I would say that they are cost-effective. Just heard the news that iphone5 which is yet to be launch is already selling in China. This could be a bit distrubing for Apple but yes it is true. They rock!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Internet is Jhakaas

The World is here on Internet, Where are you?

Have you ever been through the feeling of missing someone? Are you missing someone?
No matter what your answer would be for the above question but I can simply tell you that there is one and only one thing on this planet which I've missed more than anything else.

Can you guess what it is? No its not a girl, its not something from the materialistic world, it is something which is well-known to each and everyone out here. Yes, you guessed it right.. Its Facebook :-)

And, her is the reason why I am writing on this topic. Let me start it form the very basics.
My Father is Government Services (working under UP State Government). This enables us to get a direct 20% discount on all products from the government Telecom company better known as BSNL aka Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited. Now How on this world would like miss such an opportunity...
This fact led us to get a Broadband Connection from BSNL. It was an unlimited plan whose cost was INR 750 (without tax). And, after discount, it was just a matter of INR 600 for us to enjoy high-speed internet.
We went for it, but only on the third day, it started troubleshooting giving us super-frame error and low connectivity.
In the mean time, I also opted for a GSM Prepaid connection from Etisalat DB. It was also too cheap but bad in quality (Yes, I really mean Bad). And then striked me a plan..
I opted for something which got me rid of both of them.
Yes, I opted for the MNP(Mobile Number Portability Service) and converted my number to Vodafone (It costed me 0 bucks to do so because they gave this service free). The MNP was finished in just 4 days.
And, Secondly after getting tired from they bad service, I activated Vodafone 3G internet packed plan and now With Vodafone, Internet is fun
Earlier, I wasn't even able to watch a single Video on YouTube without buffer even at quality of 240p and now with Vodafone, I can easily watch live streaming of IPL on YouTube that too on High definition of 480p and above.

Not extending it over, I would simply say that Hats Off to Vodafone for giving em such a nice Internet Experience. Now Even I can say, Internet is Fun.

Engineering is now a 6 year Offense

People say Engineering (B.Tech / B.E.) is a pressure cooker of 4 year which is too difficult to be cleared. The number of subjects we study, the classes we have, the assignment, quizzes and everything we go though in this span of 4 years is too tedious. Also its high on cost to do it.
But gone are the days, when Engineering used to be a 4 year course, now it is a 6 year offense because the competition has increased to such an extent that for getting admission into a good college it has almost become the need of hour to get into some kind of coaching ( like the well-known FIITJEE, VMC,Bansal, Resonance o VMC) because its a race where people are ready to do anything to win.
But alas, there also comes the Jinn of Money because the fees they are charging is even more than what premier engineering students charge.
I won't name it but an institute is charging a Six digit fee per year (in INR). Oh, my god does this mean that Its not possible for middle class society to get their children indulged into engineering?
Yes, In five year or so, there won't be many a featured story of street children getting into engineering.

Sunday, April 15, 2012


The dilemma continues as there cannot be a single decision taken unanimously by the Ministry of HRD & IIT Professors. I don't what is in the future of coming generations.
Giving 40% weightage to boards simply means that in upcoming days, UP & Bihar will give much less IITians.

Had a BLAST :)

Oh my god.. What a day I had.. all full of wishes.
I am 22 today :) Its my 23rd Birthday.
Party..Party..Party & only parties. Awesome
Thank u everyone

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I saw future Today

Oh my God...

I didn't even realized that I actually saw future today. The incident took place when I was going to college on my Bike :)
It was on the way that a student (clear from the fact that he was having a bag on his back) just passed by me in an indifferent manner (yes, he was actually driving too rash). At the same moment, I thought that if he keeps on driving in this way, it for sure that he will be hit by someone on the next avenue.

And, it was just a matter of 45 seconds that He was actually caught in an accident. He felt from his damn new Pulsar 150.
Oh my God, I am hyet thinking that was that due to my ill-thought or I just saw future ?

Friday, April 6, 2012

Rs 1.34 Crore or $262,500 for a single mind

Hmm, this is what I call as the complete package. In a beautiful part of our state Uttar Pradesh, a student from MNNIT Allahabad getting a job offer of whooping 1.34 Crore form Facebook, whereas on the other side, just 500Km away from that location people striving to get a decent job.
Mind my words, "Its just a matter of Opportunity" otherwise even better students are waiting in line.